Chủ Nhật, 22 tháng 4, 2012

RomajiDesu version 1.0b released

I am so excited to launch my latest website - RomajiDesu. It's is a free website which has several tools for assist Japanese learners. Currently (Version 1.0b), RomajiDesu has three tools:
  • Romaji to Hiragana: Basically you can type or copy Romaji (e.g. an Japanese song) to convert to Hiragana script. You can also translate it into English (I use Google translate engine). The translation of course is far from perfect, but sometimes it's useful to get the general meaning.
  • Romaji to Katakana: Convert Romaji to Katakana, basically you just use to get the foreign words (like: hotel->hoteru->ホテル).

Developing it is a lot of fun because it combines two of my hobbies: programming and learning Japanese :)