Chủ Nhật, 8 tháng 11, 2015

RomajiDesu has been updated with smart Japanese word decomposition

Watching real time search of user using Google analytics was somewhat very interesting. Many users, I suppose beginners, searched a verb in a changed form, not dictionary form - jishokei (辞書形). It made me think of my early days when self studied Japanese by trying to understand a favorite Japanese song, by copying a whole words into a dictionary without getting anything.

In the  the earlier version of RomajiDesu's Japanese Dictionary, if you searched "見てください", there'd be no result. But in this version, you will get the jishokei of the verb "見る", as well the possible conjugation form "Polite Imperative" (command). So from the verb (miru - look), and the inflection (polite imperative), you can easy guess the meaning: "Please look!"

It also words with Japanese noun and and adjective. And if you put in the search field a complex Japanese sentence, RomajiDesu will automatically decompose it into small and comprehensible components (which is similar to RomajiDesu's Japanese Translator). For example, "RomajiDesuが大好きです", into "RomajiDesu ga Daisukidesu" (I love RomajiDesu)