Chủ Nhật, 1 tháng 7, 2012

RomajiDesu Japanese dictionary - a major update

RomajiDesu website has been updated to a new version (1.1).

The most importance improvement is the inclusion of the large example sentence database of Tanaka Corpus. 

To look for meaning of Japanese word and example sentences, you only need to type in a single input! And as before, you can type in Original Japanese, or Hiragana, or Romaji, or English!

The result page now may contains up to two tabs: Words (definition) and Sentences (examples contain the searched word). Each record of examples sentences is beautifully rendered with clickable word and hiragana pronunciation if available (Furigana style). You can click on "more" for more results also being loaded and displayed gracefully.
If you are a Japanese learner, you definitely should check out, for example, the meaning of love in Japanese.

Source: RomajiDesu.