Thứ Tư, 10 tháng 10, 2012

Minor updates on RomajiDesu

There are some minor updates to get to the version 2.1 today. Some updates includes:
- Improvement of look up speed thanks to caching mechanism.
- A social twitter button has been added, now you can share to your friends fast and easily.
- A Bookmarklet button is added, you drag the bookmarklet to your toolbar, select any word on any website, and click on it to look up the word.

It's almost two months since RomajiDesu version 2.0 has been officially launched. Since then, the traffic to Romajidesu has almost tripled from around 500 visits per day to 1400 visits per day. I am so happy today when I saw RomajiDesu appeared on a review on The article was announced by a lot of people which then immediately drew a lot of attention to the dictionary.